Scrunchie Dubai


Scrunchies Dubai Scrunchies Dubai


With the cutest scrunchie around, transform a simple ponytail into a formal or funky hairdo for the ages. Make a unique scrunchie of your favourite design and colours to wear around your wrist and in your hair.

We handmake each scrunchie-to-order when you design your own. The fabric is printed with your design using eco-friendly, long-lasting inks. It is then folded over and sewed with the elastic inside, using either black or white thread.

The scrunchie can be paired with a matching hand or a neck scarf to complete your overall look.


Silk Sensation

Custom color
Scrunchies Dubai Scrunchies Dubai Scrunchies Dubai
Custom design
Scrunchies Dubai Scrunchies Dubai Scrunchies Dubai


Velvet Scrunchies Dubai
Velvet Scrunchies Dubai


Custom color
Combination Scrunchies Dubai
Custom design
Combination Scrunchies Dubai Combination Scrunchies Dubai


Silk Sensation
Silk Sensation Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Soft and smooth with a sheen
  • Slightly translucent
  • Slinky drape makes it a great substitute for silk
  • Strong and durable fabric for everyday use
Velvet Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Rich and luxurious fabric
  • Has an ultra soft feel
  • Durable, washable
  • Not easy to fade, no lint
  • Custom print any design with color
Whisper Smooth
Whisper Smooth Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Light-weight, super-soft to touch
  • Matt finish with excellent color reproduction
  • Good for easy to wear and relaxed garments

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