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Sashes and stoles are pivotal traditional ceremonial accessories graduates wear on their big day, brides-to-be wear during weddings. Beauty pageants either are not complete without sashes.

Our sashes are custom printed with the background color and design of customers choice. Digital printing avoids any print limitation on that front.

Having these accessories is truly a great way to celebrate early success while staying on budget!

  • For International or Study Abroad Student
  • Rounded and V neck in back - both options available
  • Perfect way to show accomplishments or heritage
  • Keepsake Memorabilia

  • Common Sizes:
  • Adult Male size: 180 x 13cms
  • Adult Female size: 170 x 13cms
  • Student size: 150 x 12cms
  • Kids size: 90 x 12cms
  • Toddler size
  • Fabrics

    Gloss Satin

    Satin Gloss Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Heavy lustrous finish
    • Slightly thick, best suited for outer body wear
    • Properties: Full gloss, Opaque

    Duchess Satin

    Duchess Satin Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Premium smooth and luxurious face
    • Slightly thick, best suited for outer body wear
    • Rich sheen gives art pattern a crisp look
    • Properties: Semi gloss, Opaque

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