Hand Umbrella Dubai

Hand Umbrella

Hand Umbrella Dubai


Everyone loves and needs an umbrella, whether it's to keep dry from the rain or to provide shade from the sun! Its also a cool way to make a fashion statement yet adhering to convenience at the same time.

Umbrellas can also be used as a promotion tool for marketing campaigns or brand visibility. Can be given out during events, conferences thereby leaving a lasting impression.

Fully customized umbrella:
  • Customized roof branding edge-to-edge
  • Custom Umbrella sleeve

  • Ready-to-print Umbrella:
  • Print logo on ready-made umbrella
  • Custom Umbrella

    Custom Umbrella Printing Dubai Hand Umbrella Printing Dubai Multi Colors Umbrella Printing Dubai


    Umbrella Printing Dubai Umbrella Tie Wrap Printing Dubai

    Ready Umbrella

    Red Umbrella Printing Dubai Pink Umbrella Printing Dubai Readymade Umbrella Printing Dubai


     Umbrella Light Colors Printing Dubai  Umbrella Dark Colors Printing Dubai  Umbrella Bright Colors Printing Dubai

    Parasol Umbrella

    Multicolor Parasol Umbrella Printing Dubai Parasol Umbrella Printing Dubai Parasol Umbrella Printing Dubai


    These promotional printed umbrellas are ideal for gardens, beaches and outdoor events. They showcase your logo while providing shelter and shade for outdoor locations.

    We provide the option to customize the roof of the parasol enabling you to make a distinctive umbrella that precisely suits your demands and on which you may print your preferred logo or pattern. Being light weight makes it is portable and easy to transport.

    It can be supported with a water base or heavy concrete based depending on the placement location.


    Thin Woven

    Paris Chiffon Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Water resistant
    • Feather weight fabric
    • Rich print colors

    Duchess Satin

    Duchess Satin Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Premium smooth and luxurious face
    • Slightly thick, best suited for outer body wear
    • Rich sheen gives art pattern a crisp look
    • Properties: Semi gloss, Opaque

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