Gloss Satin

Satin Gloss Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Heavy lustrous finish
  • Slightly thick, best suited for outer body wear
  • Properties: Full gloss, Opaque

Duchess Satin

Duchess Satin Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Premium smooth and luxurious face
  • Slightly thick, best suited for outer body wear
  • Rich sheen gives art pattern a crisp look
  • Properties: Semi gloss, Opaque


Velvet Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Rich and luxurious fabric
  • Has an ultra soft feel
  • Durable, washable
  • Not easy to fade, no lint
  • Custom print any design with color

Monroe Satin

Monroe Satin Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Poly-blend, plain sateen weave
  • Good for draping
  • Tight weave makes it a strong and firm material


Saratoria Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Harmonious blend of cotton and polyester
  • Natural appearance with traditional texture
  • Antiqued look, semi-dulled tone
  • Fabric is sturdy and structured

Poly Back crepe

Poly Back crepe Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Medium weight, plain weave fabric
  • Matt surface with subtle vertical lines
  • Fabric is tightly woven and structured


Net Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Holes, Net, woven
  • Tiny holes make it extremely breathable
  • Flexibility due to pattern of knots
  • Stretchable for drape folds

Thin Woven

Paris Chiffon Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Water resistant
  • Feather weight fabric
  • Rich print colors


Canvas Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Water resistant
  • Durable and thick fabric
  • Vibrant colors
  • Minimum sheerness

Fashion wear

Silk Sensation

Silk Sensation Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Soft and smooth with a sheen
  • Slightly translucent
  • Slinky drape makes it a great substitute for silk
  • Strong and durable fabric for everyday use

Whisper Smooth

Whisper Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Light-weight, super-soft to touch
  • Matt finish with excellent color reproduction
  • Good for easy to wear and relaxed garments

Nautica Matt

Nautica Matt Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Gorgeously smooth with slight stretchability
  • Draping is comfortable and easy, moving effortlessly over the hands


Crepe Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Chic look for special garments
  • Sophisticated drape complemented with delicate crepe texture
  • Exceptional print result


Georgette Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Lightweight, breathable, flowy fabric
  • Crinkled, puckered appearance
  • Light sheer, slight stretch, nice drape


Linen Fabric Printing Dubai
  • High air permeability
  • Good elasticity, durable, comfortable
  • Washable and quick dry
  • Shrink-resistant and anti-crease


Voile Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Semi-sheer, lightweight, breathable
  • Soft and silky to the touch, light drape
  • Women’s clothing & home accessories

Paris Chiffon

Paris Chiffon Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Elegant, soft and light weight
  • Allows for a fluid drape
  • Transparent material with a subtle base tone

Rayon Linen

Linen Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Blended linen makes it air-permeable
  • Shape retention, wrinkle resistant, durable
  • Rustic look with a vintage feel


Organza Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Super light weight, plain weave with a crisp hand
  • Strong fabric with outstanding drape
  • Apparel, Interior décor

Viscose Cotton

Viscose Cotton Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Mix blend with 40% cotton content
  • Blending reduces wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Fantastic feel on the body

Luxury Cotton

Luxury Cotton Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Composite cotton mix
  • Delicate hand and soft drape
  • Slight sheen with vibrant colors

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