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T shirt printing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to do customize t shirts or polo neck t shirts, you have come to the right place. We do t shirts with embroidery, screen printing, sublimation, piping, dual color, sports jersey – each with multiple combinations.

Embroidered T-Shirts Printing Dubai

We specialize in embroidery print finishing for t-shirts. Minimum qty required is 10 t-shirts. Options in this case ranges from full front and back embroidery from neck to waist. There is also a choice of doing embroidery only on the chest pocket as well as back. Company logo embroidered on front and company name and tag line at the back. Embroidery can also be done on sleeves of polo neck tshirts. Benefit of embroidery printing is the lasting shine of the content printed without any problems of fading over a long duration of time. The feel is rich and visibility is good especially during exhibitions, conferences and trade fairs. Embroidered polo neck t-shirts in 100% cotton is the best choice for small quantities with a quick turn around time.

Screen Printed T-Shirts in Dubai

There are multiple options available for t-shirt printing and the most popular one being silk printing also known as screen printing. This option is suitable for a print run of 50-100 t-shirts depending on the logo, color and design. Best used method for single color or two color artwork job. This technique of printing is suitable for 100% cotton t-shirts, polo neck t-shirts or for that matter jerseys as well. T-shirts are available in 170gsm, 220gsm and 240gsm.

Sublimation, Heat transfer T-Shirts Printing in Dubai

Typically, sublimation printing is done on non-cotton based jersey material that has a polyester finish. The t-shirt is exposed to high heat for a few seconds leaving an impression of the required design on it. Printing is done using sublimation printing, heat transfer or direct printing. Gives a look of pasted sticker and good for four color jobs and complicated images having a mix of colors

Fully customized tshirt manufacturing in Dubai

This is where the market has a gap and we are here to plug it that too at an affordable price. When we say customized we actually mean it. It starts form dyeing the fabric which translates to preparing it from scratch. It could be a pattern on the t-shirt or just the collar and sleeves. The sizes can be tailor made in fit-to-wear. The same material can have multiple printing techniques of screen printing as well as embroidery. As finishing option, there is also a choice of piping. If you have a specific shade in mind or a pantone color, we can match that as well. All in all, a total flexible customer friendly solution.
The customized option is mainly used for a days event, festivals, cultural programs, conferences, outdoor sport activities.

The above holds for any fabric be it cotton, cotton polyester mix, jersey material for say football or basket ball kit. The name of each individual or athlete can be printed on it – a personalized kit for each player. The jersey can be accompanied with shorts. You can go to the level of putting your own company tag on the t-shirt collar to give a ‘your product’ feel.

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